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A successful development project requires meticulous planning and comprehensive project monitoring. Wessex provides complete management services for any, or all of a project’s three stages: planning, construction and sales.

Project Planning
Wessex builds a strategic team of industry professionals (the Development Management Team) based on the components of a specific development. Under the coordination of Wessex, the team creates and executes the development plan.

Project Construction
We oversee the generation of all construction documentation, acquire required permits, and award all construction contracts. Wessex will complete the project schedule and finalize the project budget, monitor the project throughout the construction process. Wessex identifies potential constraints and develops management strategies for mitigating risk by making necessary amendments throughout the project.

Project Sales
For a development to be successful, it must meet the demands of the market at the time the project is completed. Wessex enrolls industry-recognized marketing experts at the earliest stages and works with them throughout the project to significantly reduce the risk of developing a product not suitable for the project’s geographical location or current market cycle.

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