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Wessex can help you determine the success of your potential development project. We work with you to identify and examine your objectives, then develop a Master Concept Plan, which lays out the development options and the road map for achieving your development goals.

Feasibility studies are created for each development option to assist the client, stakeholders and financiers in evaluating available development options and making informed decisions.

We draw on a team of industry professionals to provide historical, statistical, and current information upon which the various feasibility studies are based. These professionals include architects, planners, engineers, financial consultants, contractors and quantity surveyors, and real estate marketing and sales consultants.

The Plan typically includes potential alternative development options that may also meet your goal.

The Master Concept Plan includes the following:

Market Analysis

  1. Current market trends
  2. Market demands and supply
  3. Demographic trends
  4. Economic trends
  5. Potential competition/comparable projects

Development Concept Plan

  1. Site evaluation
  2. Architectural concept plan
  3. Project schedule

Financial Analysis

  1. Projected revenues
  2. Capital costs
  3. Operating costs
  4. Cash Flow
  5. Performance Measures
  6. Financial Options


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